What is Insomnia?

Sleepwalked people are tired during the day, their professional performance and ability to work is reduced by about a quarter, 60% suffer from memory disorders. They miss the workplace much longer, visit a doctor 2-3 times more often and have to be hospitalized twice as often. 20-30% develop after years of depression, the rate of alcoholics is twice as high among sleep disorders as in healthy people. About a quarter of all accidents on highways is caused by involuntary falling asleep in case of fatigue.

These figures prove the individual but also the socioeconomic significance of sleep disorders. In no case is it just ambien tablets a harmless condition.

To hardly a body function but also so many misunderstandings and misconceptions exist as on the subject of sleep. Some of them will be presented and corrected here first.

False ideas about sleep are common

“Everybody needs 7-8 hours of sleep per night to be well rested.”

Not correct ambien dosage. The quality of night sleep is not measured by its absolute duration. Rather, it is crucial whether the individual feels rested and restored in the morning and that no increased fatigue occurs during the day.

Some people only need 4 hours, others up to 10 hours sleep per night. So, someone who sleeps 8 hours a night, but actually needs 10 hours of sleep, can develop serious signs of chronic sleep deprivation.

“Sleep before midnight is the best sleep”

There is ample evidence that sleep is equally restful regardless of time ambien without prescription. In the elderly, for example, 4 hours of night sleep and two “naps” during the day, each lasting 1 hour (for example, at noon and in the evening in front of the TV) can cover the entire amount of sleep required. If this person – which is not uncommon in older people – regularly goes to bed at 9:00 pm, she is actually well rested at 1:00 in the morning, but will believe she is suffering from nocturnal sleep disturbance.

“The body and brain need sleep to recover from the stress of the day.”

For all bodily functions, physical rest without sleep would be sufficient to regenerate order ambien online. The brain is even more active in the sleep phases of so-called REM sleep (from “rapid eye movements”, named after the rapid eye movements that occur here) than during the daytime.

It is likely that the brain uses sleep rather than recovery to rearrange and consolidate information taken during the day. Nevertheless, the exact function of sleep is still unknown.

“Heavy food leads to increased dreams or nightmares”

The memory of dreams or nightmares depends solely on waking up during the dream. Altered eating habits may increase the likelihood of recalling dreams that have occurred over a nightly awakening. In contrast, the frequency of occurrence of dreams and their quality is not changed.

“Physical activity improves sleep”

Physical exertion during the day does NOT improve sleep. Extreme physical load v.a. instead, just before going to bed, raising your body temperature may even affect your sleep.

Sleeping pills

In many cases, disturbed nighttime sleep can be ameliorated or even remedied by simply reversing wrong behaviors.

In addition, in order to avoid impending drug addiction and side effects (especially in the elderly, often walking insecurity and memory problems!), Sleeping pills should only ever be used for a maximum of a few weeks and not daily. This rule is in principle applicable to all sleeping pills!

Sleep aids can often be replaced by mild herbal sleeping aids.

Simple rules for improving night sleep

Modern sleep research advises on the following rules of conduct:

“Not sleeping during the day!”

The nocturnal sleep duration is determined by the e.g. Shorter nap.

“Only go to bed when you’re really tired”

Otherwise, a falling asleep is almost inevitable.

“The bed is only for sleeping, i. do not eat, read, watch TV!”

“Always do the same thing before you go to bed (” sleep-in ritual “)”

Good sleep has a lot to do with rhythm and regularity buy ambien online. Sit in the same armchair 30-45 minutes before going to bed, read a little exciting book (do not watch TV!), Drink a warm glass of milk with honey (old home remedy) or even a small beer (too much alcohol disturbs the Sleep!). Go to bed, if you feel tired, turn off the light immediately and try to fall asleep.

When falling asleep after 10 – 20 minutes dleave the bed and the bedroom and … (Do not roll around and start thinking!) »… only lie down again when you really feel tired, repeat several times if necessary!» Get up at the same time every morning (set the alarm! If you regularly worry about worries and problems in bed, set up a “worry lesson”! At the early (!) Evening, you always sit in the same place and consciously take the time to think hard about your worries (and nothing else!) For 30 or 60 minutes. If your thoughts then start to wane, the pressure will be gone even when you fall asleep. Should this measure be unsuccessful and continue to sleep disorders and v.a. During the daytime fatigue, you should consult a doctor for a thorough examination and further treatment suggestions!