Insomnia – Symptoms and causes

The insomnia (inaccurate: insomnia) includes difficulty falling asleep, trouble sleeping through, and premature awakening. Among the sleep-disordered breathing disorders is sleep apnea (temporary respiratory arrest during sleep, usually associated with snoring). Hypersomnia is termed excessive sleeping. Circadian sleep disorders can be found, for example, in shift work or jet lag. Parasomnias are so-called arousal disorders from sleep such as sleepwalking (somnambulism), nightmares, nocturnal fright (Pavor nocturnus), nocturnal teeth grinding (bruxism). Sleep-related movement disorders include, for example, restless leg syndrome ambien with paracetamol.


Tired during the day – panic at night

In particular, insomniacs complain of falling asleep, staying asleep, premature awakening or even a deterioration in sleep quality. The recovery value of sleep can thus be significantly reduced, for example, by lack of deep sleep phases and frequent nocturnal awakenings, despite only insignificant losses in sleep quantity. These symptoms must occur at least three times a week and at least for the duration of a month, so that can be said of an insomnia ambien over the counter on bill.

Patients with insomnia and those affected by sleep disorders are often tired during the day, unfocused and in some cases physically weak. Another indication of the presence of actual insomnia and sleep disturbance is also a concern that insomnia tramal active ingredient may adversely affect their work or private life.

Work performance can be severely hampered by continued lack of concentration, frequent eyelid burning, and a tired, weakened body. In addition, there is the permanent presence of the topic in everyday life, which can lead to a real fear of the poor quality or quantity of poor sleep. If the insomnia is already more pronounced, it leads to complete states of exhaustion, various disorders of bodily functions and in many cases also to psychological impairments such as depression.


Insomnia usually has mental causes

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by a reduced total sleep time and poor sleep quality.

The most common causes ambien tablets of insomnia and insomnia are of mental and emotional nature. These include permanent inner tension in combination with a stress-oriented lifestyle and lack of rest periods. Also suitable as causes of insomnia:

High emotional burden

  • conflicts in the partnership or in the professional environment;
  • stress;
  • to care;
  • guilt;
  • Anxiety and anxiety disorders;
  • depressions;
  • nightmares, night terrors and sleepwalking;
  • light and noise.

But even a physical illness can lead to (temporary) insomnia. This includes:

  • sleep apnea (snoring with breathing pauses);
  • renal / urinary bladder disorders (frequent nocturnal urination);
  • asthma;
  • diabetes;
  • dementia;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • joint pain;
  • thyroid functions;
  • febrile diseases;
  • any kind of pain.

These causes ambien 100mg, however, usually lead to temporary insomnia, which also passes with the onset of pain or illness. This is often different in the case of the aforementioned emotional causes. The reason for this is often a ubiquitous problem in the management of interpersonal conflicts, which occur again and again and so can cause sleep disorders again and again. Finally, lack of sleep may also occur as a result of the use of certain intoxicants, such as ecstasy or amphetamines.


The treatment of insomnia is based first on the degree of impairment, as well as on the causes of sleep disorders, so that with different problems and very different treatments can lead to success.

While a slight change in habits is often sufficient for mild sleep disturbances, drug treatment is often necessary, especially for long-term insomnia.

There are many medicines for insomnia on the market ambien dosage, and there are both over-the-counter and prescription drugs. The over-the-counter medicines for insomnia are mostly valerian and rarely cause side effects. Unlike many prescription drugs, the risk of addiction to valerian is very low – yet it should be taken in consultation with a doctor. Since sleep is still a poorly researched phenomenon of human life, so too is development

New drugs against buy ambien sleep disorders continue to be an important part of medical advancement. Thus, not only new, but also increasingly effective, gentler and better tolerated drugs are being developed. The drug treatment of insomnia should therefore always be accompanied and prescribed by a physician. Supportive can also be achieved with psychological therapy great success, because the insomnia in many cases has mental causes, so that a solely drug treatment would not be sufficient. Do you suffer from sleep disorders and want to participate in a study?